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Vitality Robotics Partners with the First Flight Venture Center

Vitality Robotics, a leader in machine learning-powered surgical robotics, is excited to announce its partnership into the First Flight Venture Center (FFVC). Participating in the FFVC programs presents an invaluable opportunity for Vitality to enhance our capabilities and accelerate the development of our cutting-edge surgical robotics technologies.

The NC First Flight Venture Center (FFVC) is a renowned startup incubator and accelerator located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Founded in 1991, FFVC has established itself as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, providing comprehensive support services to early-stage technology companies.

At Vitality Robotics, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with the pioneering First Flight Venture Center. Collaborations like these are instrumental in propelling our business forward and ensuring our continued success.

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