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Labtools.AI is our cutting-edge no-code machine learning Software as a Service (SaaS) suite tailored to meet the diverse needs of laboratories and businesses. We provide automated machine learning solutions that seamlessly integrate with your business workflow, enabling your business to streamline with custom machine learning model development services.

Our machine learning software automate tasks and streamline operations within your organization.

Computer Vision

From custom object tracking models, to segmentation; Labtools.AI allows your teams to capture images directly into our platform, label datasets, train models and generate predictions without writing any code.

Scheduling Optimization

Our optimization algorithms streamline experimental workflows, maximizing productivity. Effortlessly create optimized schedules, considering factors like equipment availability, experimental constraints & team availability. 

Automated Integrations

Effortlessly transfer data across your scientific software using our no-code integrations with numerous ELNs/LIMs. Streamline your workflows like creating ELN entries when you run a device and improve your data management while you focus on your core work in the laboratory.

Audit Trails

Labtools.AI ensures regulatory compliance with automated audit trails and role-based access controls, providing secure access to your data. Benefit from streamlined compliance processes and enhanced data security without additional complexity.

Inventory Forecasting

Monitor how your lab is spending reagents in real time and forecasts future inventory usage based on your labs device run history, and experiment usage. Streamline your resource allocation and predict stockouts before they ever happen, preventing supply chain interruptions.

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