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Products and Services

From tailored machine learning solutions to precision bench-top surgical instruments, our team possesses the expertise to streamline and automate your laboratory operations and business processes effectively.

POET Device

Precise Organ Excision Technology (POET) Devices

Our patented bench top surgical devices fully automate traditional in vivo techniques such as necropsies, biopsies, injections and ear tagging. Using precision robotics, our flagship devices allow laboratory technicians to place rodents into an anesthesia chamber, and launch open source or private surgical protocols and receive barcoded/labeled tubes with data tracked on our cloud. 

Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Our machine learning engineers have worked with laboratories to create custom machine learning models from C. Elegans tracking, NLP models for DNA sequence classification to forecasting models for inventory usage and demand planning.

Bacteria Sample
ELN and LIMS Integration

ELN/LIMS Integrations 

Our SaaS platform Labtools.AI integrates with the most common ELN/LIMs providing your scientists with a no-code user-friendly experience for automating laboratory processes. We provide custom machine learning development and deployment on our Labtools API so your lab can count bacterial colonies, track cellular movement from time lapse imaging, and work with our machine learning engineers to design custom models for your specific application.

Data Management & Data Governance Consulting

VR Customer Workflow

Transform your business with our Consulting services. We specialize in developing customized strategies that align seamlessly with your business objectives. Our experts work with your teams to example your current workflows and help you understand how to draft robust data governance policies that will streamline your data operations. With our focus on scalability, advanced analytics, and continuous improvement, our consulting services will empower you to harness the full potential of your data.

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