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Automate Your Workflows With AI

Learn how your lab and business can start using machine learning to automate manual workflows, reduce costs and save time so you can get back to making scientific breakthroughs! 

Expediting Biomedical Breakthroughs With AI & Robotics

At Vitality Robotics, we specialize in empowering scientific laboratories and businesses with cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions, streamlining tasks throughout the company. Whether it's optimizing inventory forecasting or harnessing machine learning to precisely identifying cell movements over time, our mission is to craft customized, regulatory-compliant AI-powered software tailored to each lab's unique requirements.

Software As A Service (SaaS)

Our cloud-based software enabled scientists to train custom machine learning models without code, automating data analysis with audit trails for 21CFR compliance. With our advanced analytics capabilities, researchers can gain unprecedented insights into their data, leading to faster discovery and spending more time doing what they do best - creating new life saving therapies.

Custom Machine Learning

Our team of machine learning engineers are available to help your lab design custom machine learning tools running on AWS for analyzing bacterial colonies on petri dishes with computer vision, to running transformer models for DNA sequence classification tasks. Using our  Labtools.AI platform, we can share prediction results directly into your ELN/LIMs or other applications via our open source API.

Business Applications

Harnessing the power of advanced algorithms and data analytics, we specialize in delivering custom machine learning solutions tailored to your business needs. From predictive analytics driving smarter decision-making to personalized recommendations enhancing user experience, our team is dedicated to optimizing your operations and maximizing ROI.

Computer Vision

Unlock the ability of computer vision with our SaaS platform Labtools.AI. Automatically build object detection models for applications such as adherent cell culture counting, neuronal cell movement tracking in timelapse imaging, and colony counting. With Labtools.AI, you can streamline your workflows and accelerate your discoveries at the forefront of scientific innovation.

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Discover the Potential of Machine Learning: Is Your Company Ready? Let Us Help!

Contact our team to learn how you can start using machine learning to automate workflows throughout your business today! 

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