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Vitality Secures $100,000 From NVIDIA

This helps Vitality move closer to our goal of building the first fully automated surgical robotics system and expediting biomedical breakthroughs using AI!

What This Means for Vitality

With the support from the NVIDIA Inception Program for Startups and the $100,000 in AWS Credits, NVIDIA's support will continue to propel our company forward.

We are excited to continue partnering with NVIDIA to gain access to:

  • Technology: We benefit from preferred pricing on select NVIDIA hardware and software products and cloud credits through NVIDIA partners.

  • Venture Capital: We have opportunities to connect with investors through Inception Capital Connect.

  • Acceleration and Growth: Leveraging NVIDIA’s resources, technology, and network will accelerate our project development and overall growth.

  • Enhanced Technical Expertise: We will gain invaluable insights and guidance from NVIDIA’s experts and resources, enhancing our technical capabilities. Receiving this is a monumental step for Vitality, acting as a catalyst for our continued growth and impact in the field of AI. We are deeply grateful to NVIDIA for this incredible opportunity and are excited about the journey ahead.

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